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The Purpose Driven Mindset 101

The Purpose Driven Mindset 101

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of being successful in life is to have goals on which to focus, to know where it is you want to be, so you know what you need to do to get there. Having a purpose creates motivation, helps you visualize your future, and provides you with an ending point to your road map. Without a purpose, you are likely to wander and flounder through life without much happiness.

How Purpose Affects Success

When you set a purpose for yourself, create goals that drive you, you gain clarity. You understand what is important to you, what you value, and what you want most in life. A purpose-driven mindset focuses clearly on the goals to be accomplished and is uses that understanding to guide all other decisions.

Purpose allows you to make better choices. For example, to reach my goal of becoming a lawyer, I need to go to law school. I am dedicated to my family, so I want to choose a law school that allows me to stay close to them while attending school. Your purpose helped you make the best choice for you.

Purpose also helps see you through the harder times. When you are faced with more difficult decisions, your mission can help you make the best choice out of options that maybe are not really good but at least help you hold true to who you are.

A goal sets the standard for what you want to do, who you want to be in life. Purpose makes the destination clear, and while the route to reach it may change as you go alone, you always know where it is you are headed. Your purpose will always light the way, even when you start to feel lost.

A purpose-driven mindset helps you see all experiences as opportunities to learn and grow, as well. If my goal is to become more physically fit, then I can see ways to embrace physical activity in my daily life, learn from each new experience to find what my body can do, and discover new ways to challenge myself regularly.

A purpose-driven mindset provides you with a reason for getting up each day, for pursuing hard goals, for overcoming difficult obstacles, and for trying again after failure. Without purpose, it would be hard to imagine why anyone would persist in the face of defeat.

How to Achieve a Purpose-Drive Mindset

Understanding your core values and beliefs is the key to living a life with a purpose-drive mindset. Take some time to name those things in your life that are most important to you. These core values are things like family, growth, security, freedom, etc. Your list will be different and include everything that you hold closest to your heart. 

The top five values will guide your purpose, providing you with the paths in life that will lead you to happiness and fulfillment. It’s when your goals are misaligned with these core values that you can start to experience real problems and unrest. Getting clear with yourself about what you most value will help you find your purpose and set goals that help you achieve this. 

When you gain clarity about your values and beliefs, you can select the right goals that will help you live your true purpose. Your goals should help you embody your core values in your daily life as well as allow you to live in harmony with your beliefs. 

Final Thoughts

A purpose-driven mindset will help you gain clarity about what is important, set goals that help you achieve happiness, persevere in the face of adversity, and a reason to try your best each day.

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