Shop is where vendors, suppliers, dropshipers showcase their products to online shoppers.

(1) If you do dropship, if you have one or many products to sell to domestic market or international market, if you want to sell your product(s) in different currencies, if you have simple or variable products, if you have physical, bookable or downloadable product(s), if you want to sell your product(s) online/offline using Point of Sales (POS) system, you can register as our vendor and sell your product(s) here (Shop). Vendor can opt for Free / Paid Plan. Owner-Vendor Terms and Conditions applies.

(2) If you only have one type of products and if you want to advertise your product(s) or service(s) for a short duration, you can try our Classified Ads. You just need to use your first name and valid email address to Place Ad. You can opt for Free / Paid Plan. Terms and Conditions applies.

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