How User-Friendly Is Your E-Commerce Store

How User-Friendly Is Your E-Commerce Store

You finally broke down and built your e-commerce website. You’ve got the products list uploaded with lots of information about them including their prices. That’s great! You just now have one issue – you’re making very little sales. While traffic doesn’t appear to be the issue, something certainly is amiss. You know something is wrong if the traffic you are bringing in isn’t giving you the sales you want.

What is the issue?

It could possibly be that your website isn’t very user-friendly. It’s an unfortunate aspect that many e-commerce business owners find out the hard way. When they’re designing the website, they’ve either put too much time into or not enough of it, and it’s not so friendly for your visitors to use.

Failing to address this will cause the site to rank below many others, and lead to a loss in business.

How To Make Your Website Be More User-Friendly

It can look the best in the world (potentially win awards) and if your visitors cannot navigate the site very easily, then you’re missing out on sales. Thankfully, there are some e-commerce solutions you can implement to address the issue. What can you do?

Use A Search Function

The first thing you need to do is implement a search function. When you have visitors come to your site looking for a product, they don’t want to hunt for it. Make it easy for them to find what it is by adding in a search function. Create categories for them to thumb through, or a price section to search by. The idea is to make the site as searchable as you can to keep prospective customers on your site.

Design A Simple, Usable Site

The second thing to consider is the load time of your website. While it’s great you want to be creative with the site, sometimes this is not the right thing to do, especially when it comes to making money. If your website is graphic-intense or the pictures are too big, it could be that your site isn’t loading fast enough for your prospective customers. When a site takes too long for people to get onto, they will close out the site and look for another one that’s better. Simplicity will be your best friend when it comes to the e-commerce business.

When it comes to usability, the quicker your website loads, the better off for your bottom line.

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