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Fixed Vs Growth Mindset

Fixed Vs Growth Mindset

The world outside ourselves is largely beyond our control, but how we think is not. Mindsets are the way we see the world and our own selves. Mindset guides our behaviors and is informed by our beliefs. It dictates how we respond to life and the people in it.

Because your mindset is built upon and influenced by your beliefs and attitudes, it has a significant impact on how you act and react each day. Developing the right mindset can help you attain your dreams and is crucial to your personal growth.

One theory of mindset divides everyone into one of two categories. According to scholar Carol Dweck, and others, you either have a fixed or a growth mindset. Depending on which of these you embrace will determine how well you succeed in life.

If you have a fixed mindset, you believe that your traits are fixed, and you are not really able to change much in life. People with this mindset believe that qualities such as talent or intelligence are things you are born with and your life should be spent cataloging and showcasing that talent rather than trying to improve your capabilities.

Because those with a fixed mindset believe their abilities are fixed, they also believe they cannot redeem themselves if they make a mistake or if someone else is better at something. Many with a fixed mindset live in fear of failure.

The opposite of this way of thinking is a growth mindset. Those with a growth-oriented approach to life believe that intelligence and other talents continue to develop throughout life, growing over time and through experience.

When you have a growth mindset, you see the value in effort, and so you are more likely to try harder and achieve higher levels of success as a result of dedication and hard work.

Those with a growth mindset are more likely to bounce back from upsets and succeed despite failure. They also make a deliberate effort at personal growth and self-improvement.

Those with a growth mindset are also more likely to explore new goals and change directions in life, as they see their paths as limitless rather than predefined.

If you are motivated to develop a growth mindset, there are many things you can do. Start by acknowledging the areas where you need growth. Don’t ignore your faults but instead recognize them so you can set goals for yourself.

Your brain continues to grow and change as you age, so find something that interests you and learn more about it. Start a new hobby or learn a new skill.

Stop worrying about what others think, can do, or have accomplished. The only person you need to impress is yourself.

Focus on the learning process and the journey of life rather than a product or finish line. Life is a series of experiences that when combined equal your existence. Start living in the moment rather than worrying about the future.

The growth mindset sees many roads to take in life. Becoming more growth-oriented will allow you to take advantage of the many learning experiences and adventures life has to offer.

Open your mind to new perspectives and learn to appreciate your growth potential. Get started today!

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